Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Yerps still nothing. nothing to blog about. my mind is empty. ermm not really empty just ermmmm. Happy Blogging and stitching. I miss my cross stitch and embroidery. but need to finish all the smocking dress first.

Bebe Z birthday party. ehh where's the party?

Bebe Z raya at kelantan. awwww

Bebe D: Selamat Hari Raya, raya packet please? Bebe D: ummmmm

opss i found (and ya i bought it) this small tea set. Perfect for bebe D and her barbie(ssss) tea party. ermmmm

and the first smocking tops , handmade by me. muahahahhaa


Emily said...

Oh Oh! I have always loveeeeed that dress in the first picture! From the very first time you posted the step-by-step working process! It looks good on baby!

The tea set is cutesy! Both cousin babies are adorable!

mak farhah said...

gee, pinjam pic ya..


fds said...


what dress? step by step process? which one ek. ermmm.


isk baju u la tu. apa nak pinjam pinjam. nanti me send yg tak de watermark

mak farhah said...

pinjam gmbar la...u y amik so ur hakciipta la kann

wa'ah said...

i bought the same tea set for my daughter. 2 sets lagi.
tapi skang tinggal satu cawan je..yg lain smua dah lebur... huhuhuhu

fds said...

tu la wa'ah, me dah hide dah . sure dia hilangkan. sebab kecikk je tea set ni kan. bestnye kalau dapat the whole set.

aiks cam the mommy je yg nak main ni. hahahahhaa

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