Tuesday, December 23, 2008

No No No

On strict Diet? High sugar level? Diabetes? sugar intolerance? sakit gigi? wanna add 5 kg in one week? hehehehehhe. Nopes, not a diet/slimming product commercial la. Enuf with nuff nang on the side bar maaa. No egg in da house. Flour already &*0^79$36)%%&. Castor sugar ??? dunno where is it. washing after baking. aaarhhhh malas.
But one "fine" day, i will definitely try the almond crisp recipe. But today i only manage to bake almond Florentine. Easy, just buy the mix and almond slices. Almonds,Good for kids (minus the sugar la) and pregnant mommy. Me and bebe D bake this Florentine together. ermm bebe D more to watching and dancing in front of the microwave.


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