Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bullion on Button and Bebe .. all B B B B

After sis Azie mentioned about another bullion roses on button.. ermm blooming roses so i search all my AS&E magazine. Ya took some time even i only have 25 copies of AS&E, but i have to look carefully in each magazine for the BLOOMING roses design. But i sure its in one of the magazine because i remembered i have seen it. hehehehe. Whatever.. already found it. As you can see this type also we have to bullion stitch it direct to the fabby. But look yummy.

The blooming Roses. I've done the Rose Bud and this blooming one is not much different , just maybe i have to use fine milliner.

Im busy with the magazine, she who is also "busy" next to me.


Azie said...

yeahh... dat's the one ! after seeing you doing your rose bud/tulip bullion on button. I did tried a few.. but still masih belajar, tak kemas pun..

Norazihan said...

this one's a bit tricky ya. must try the rose bud first, the this full blown rose.

btw, i've back link u at

happy sewing :)

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