Saturday, May 30, 2009

Extra Busy Week

Ya extra busy week. i tot May is the month where i can relax more and can do more smocking dress but .........

Neway bebe D enjoy her sport's day even tho she refuse to walk like a duck. hehehe.

Bebe D's Sports Day

Yes.. Acara Jalan Itik. NO No Nooo ducky. WHY?? dunno

ya bebe D so nice to help most of her fren to tuck in their shirts. Bebe D again refuse to do the same with her shirt. WHY?? dunno

Ok this is the fabric that make most of my fwensss go crazy. Ya because of the roses. so moi fren bought 2 rolls. ROLLS not meter woooo. she says kamdar just bring in few new design. ermm kamdar jalan masjid india to be exact. i ask what she gonna do with that 2 rolls... ermmm secret but she is nice enuf to let me buy few meters (after me begged and cry..hehe...) with the normal price as i insists no discount. hehehe coz jalan masjid india.. ermm expensive parking fees and ermm ya she must be so tired to bring those 2 rolls right and ermm crowded woo that place. Much effort and $$$ spend just to shop at jalan masjid india.

To all My frens and readers...Enjoy Ur weekend.. Enjoy the school holiday(pheww less road jam)... see u again in 3 month times. hehehehhe


Eva said...

mesti muka bebe D merah kepanasan kan time sukan tu...tapi tak menjejaskan kecomelan dia...hehehe

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