Tuesday, December 29, 2009


i made bebe D a tutu skirt for her fancy party dress at her qdees. well she is so happy, she the only one who really dress up for the party. hehehhe. ignore the tummy. picture taken end of november.


Heheheh macam nama omputih plakkan. So my sally already have a new owner. i miss her so much because she is such a good smocking companion. Nopes, tak de berhenti smocking pun. I have 2 pleaters, Sally and Reads. Why i need 2 pleater , but then why i let Sally go... sebab Sally tu 24 row je. si Reads 32 rows. hehehhehe. but honestly i prefer sally dari reads. if sally ada size 32 i will go for it. but now i have to work with reads, banyak juga jarum patah (patah not bend ) kat reads. phewww. camana guna. Kak Pah kata dia belum pernah patahkan any jarum yet. hehehehhe.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

biiigggg sisterrr

Im a bigger sister now. heheheh . used to be big now bigger ... ya big for bebe z and now bigger coz got bebe z and bebe I. ummmm...... Bebe D holding Bebe I , while bebe z waiting for her turn to hold bebe I. ummmm (no no no)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Play, Fight and Play Again

Picture taken by my cousin... Farizza Rowenna. She named it Play... Fight ..and Play again. Taken at a nearby playground at my sister's new house.

Bebe D in Love with a Lamp Post...

Our Moing (my beloved auntie)
Time To go Back... lalalallalalaa

Monday, July 6, 2009

Smocking Pleater - S.O.L.D


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Extra Busy Week

Ya extra busy week. i tot May is the month where i can relax more and can do more smocking dress but .........

Neway bebe D enjoy her sport's day even tho she refuse to walk like a duck. hehehe.

Bebe D's Sports Day

Yes.. Acara Jalan Itik. NO No Nooo ducky. WHY?? dunno

ya bebe D so nice to help most of her fren to tuck in their shirts. Bebe D again refuse to do the same with her shirt. WHY?? dunno

Ok this is the fabric that make most of my fwensss go crazy. Ya because of the roses. so moi fren bought 2 rolls. ROLLS not meter woooo. she says kamdar just bring in few new design. ermm kamdar jalan masjid india to be exact. i ask what she gonna do with that 2 rolls... ermmm secret but she is nice enuf to let me buy few meters (after me begged and cry..hehe...) with the normal price as i insists no discount. hehehe coz jalan masjid india.. ermm expensive parking fees and ermm ya she must be so tired to bring those 2 rolls right and ermm crowded woo that place. Much effort and $$$ spend just to shop at jalan masjid india.

To all My frens and readers...Enjoy Ur weekend.. Enjoy the school holiday(pheww less road jam)... see u again in 3 month times. hehehehhe

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ASE issue 87

Nopes. Not In Malaysia yet. nopesss not for sale.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Heheheh not much update. just am too occupied to update my blog (even read my email) . but i manage to watch ELI STONE for the first time yesterday. ya same lawyer thingy story but the "musical" type of hallucination thingy add some spice to the normal lawyer thingy story. hehehe. whatever.

ermmm wacth AF ONCE only. after that ermmm ....... but manage to watch American Idol top 7 performance. Adam Lambert... phewwww. well i tried not to say Adam Lambert the G___a____y contestant coz nowaday i tried my best to teach my student not to potray people on the ermmm unusual issues. Eg; i alway ask my student..."Hey where is XXXX? why he didnt show up today?".. student reply " XXX ermmm oh the guy with no hair tu ke?".... ermm i dont see no hair as an issue here. hehehe ignore ignore. ANoOp... ermm so..so

ok now all my "smocking slots" is fully booked. slots is only till july. will stop taking any orders from july till november. I need to smock for my baby and bebe z and our new baby "XXX" . No im not pregnant, not me. my lovely sister kay, yerps popping out new one this july... hahahahahhaa. ngeeee not another leo i hope.

i think im too occupied even tho my job title only carry PART TIMER. i lectures from 830 to 5 every day . after that i have to check all the papers and even upgrading few database system and monitoring and testing system .i can do all in no time if im able to be work 24/7, ermmmm and the most important one when i come back home is to check and spend quality time with bebe D. sorry guys for rejecting ermmmm and postponed smocking dress job order.

till next month..mauahahahha. Happy Stitching/shopping/blogging/etc etc

Friday, March 13, 2009


What i get for my birthday?? besides all the loves, hugs and kisses (and sms) from my families and friends, traffic police tu pun gimme some of his love. First time ever me kena saman, on my birthday pula tu. ngeeee. See how 'baik' (a.k.a sopan a.k.a slow) me memandu.

Nowaday memang super busy. sempat la nak online cuma tak sempat nak update blog. balik rumah je have to sambung smocking and after gaduh gaduh with bebe D then i have to prepare some other paper work. busy is good. hehehhehe. Sorry for the late replying or late whatsoever.

Last week update on , Australian Smocking & Embroidery , they are waiting for latest Inspiration . So they can place order for both magazine. Thats why no magazine yet. but will update ASAP.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

To My Customers n Frens.....Sorry & Maaf

Assalamualaikum and Hi to all my frens and customer (still fren kan). why sorry????? As u all know (mungkin tak semua tahu kot) mama si bebe d ni menerima tempahan baju smocking since last year mostly secara online.

and then there's one time im very busy coz i have to work (part time job, ganti org maternity leave maaa) so i ask one lady that i know to jahit baju yang i dah siap smock. and much much later one of my customer (and also a fren now) bagitau, one of her fren tak puas hati kat baju smocking (second tempahan). dia kata jahitan tak sama.

firstly im very sorry. i dont meant to sub kan tugas menjahit to somebody else. but masa tu sangat busy and i did inform to the customer first. yes my fault as i should check the QUALITY dulu as not everybody can assemble baju smocking nicely(cheh perasan la diri can assemble it nicely..hahahaha..sorry)

Maaf kat kak Nor. masa tu rasanye few baju anese pun lady tu jahitkan.
maaf aween, sebab kali ni baju u delay.
and baju kawan mak farhah delay ke middle march.
ni semua delay coz i will not ask somebody else to assemble baju yg i dah siap smock dah. and yerr busy kerja la kali ni. even kerja part time pun.
Thanks kak Miza sebab bagitau to me pasal quality.
Thanks mak farhah for the nasihat.
yes better to tell the truth dari bagi memacam alasan. hahahahaha.
can i say the posmen sakit? hahahaha