Sunday, February 15, 2009

Issue 86

Hello all, This is the preview of ehemmm. so if u want to pre order the magazine. Please email me and i will give you my account number. Full payment please (RM 50), as i cant go to Craft World as often as before.I just charge the actual price of the magazine plus postage. nopes, no commision for me. No worry, u have till end of the month. TQ

Im very very very busy nowaday. Nopes not busy with my sewing or craft. But busy working. cant manage to get connected to YM so please email me dont leave Msg on my YM. TQ


Zue Mat Amin said...

zue nak majalah ni... akak tlg smskan no akaun
CIMB... ptg ni zue bank in..
no. hp zue : 017-5915820


Unknown said...


wait wait. tunggu tunggu. hehehehehe. yesterday dah call Craft World. dia kata belum order lagi.

sebab currency fluctuate kan. tu nak confirmkan harga. tapi dia pun tak buka order lagi. will sms u.

maaf lambat reply. baru perasan ada post. TQ

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