Friday, March 13, 2009


What i get for my birthday?? besides all the loves, hugs and kisses (and sms) from my families and friends, traffic police tu pun gimme some of his love. First time ever me kena saman, on my birthday pula tu. ngeeee. See how 'baik' (a.k.a sopan a.k.a slow) me memandu.

Nowaday memang super busy. sempat la nak online cuma tak sempat nak update blog. balik rumah je have to sambung smocking and after gaduh gaduh with bebe D then i have to prepare some other paper work. busy is good. hehehhehe. Sorry for the late replying or late whatsoever.

Last week update on , Australian Smocking & Embroidery , they are waiting for latest Inspiration . So they can place order for both magazine. Thats why no magazine yet. but will update ASAP.


Maia said...

happy belated birthday friend!

fds said...

oh thanks my dear friend

Emily said...

Happy Belated Birthday Fauziah!

This means that two of my dearest friends share the same birthday March 13th... you and Rosie of Cafe@15!

fds said...

ermm me 12 march maa. hehehehehe. thanks emily. Thank you for everything.

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