Saturday, April 25, 2009


Heheheh not much update. just am too occupied to update my blog (even read my email) . but i manage to watch ELI STONE for the first time yesterday. ya same lawyer thingy story but the "musical" type of hallucination thingy add some spice to the normal lawyer thingy story. hehehe. whatever.

ermmm wacth AF ONCE only. after that ermmm ....... but manage to watch American Idol top 7 performance. Adam Lambert... phewwww. well i tried not to say Adam Lambert the G___a____y contestant coz nowaday i tried my best to teach my student not to potray people on the ermmm unusual issues. Eg; i alway ask my student..."Hey where is XXXX? why he didnt show up today?".. student reply " XXX ermmm oh the guy with no hair tu ke?".... ermm i dont see no hair as an issue here. hehehe ignore ignore. ANoOp... ermm

ok now all my "smocking slots" is fully booked. slots is only till july. will stop taking any orders from july till november. I need to smock for my baby and bebe z and our new baby "XXX" . No im not pregnant, not me. my lovely sister kay, yerps popping out new one this july... hahahahahhaa. ngeeee not another leo i hope.

i think im too occupied even tho my job title only carry PART TIMER. i lectures from 830 to 5 every day . after that i have to check all the papers and even upgrading few database system and monitoring and testing system .i can do all in no time if im able to be work 24/7, ermmmm and the most important one when i come back home is to check and spend quality time with bebe D. sorry guys for rejecting ermmmm and postponed smocking dress job order.

till next month..mauahahahha. Happy Stitching/shopping/blogging/etc etc


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